You hear about people finding out years after a one-night fling that they have a kid they never met, and you think, "Wild, but I can see how it happened." Then you hear about Larry King's "long lost" son, Larry King Jr., and you think, "Larry King is insane."

Larry Sr. trotted out Larry Jr. on his show this week, and said that he didn't meet his son until his son was 33 years old—despite the following clues that his son existed:

  • He was married to the kid's mother.
  • "She told me if it's a boy, I'm gonna name him Larry King Jr."
  • "I knew there was a Larry King Jr. out there."
  • If you think really hard, the name itself is a clue: Larry King Jr.

After only 33 years Larry Sr. put the pieces of this puzzle together, and only 15 years later he had Larry Jr. on his show, to help promote Larry Sr.'s new book. In related news, "I am afraid of scary bats."
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