Egypt just sentenced a billionaire real estate tycoon to die for killing his girlfriend, a Lebanese pop singer. In America, we protect the billionaires, and leave killings of music stars (Tupac, Biggie) unsolved forever. We can learn from these Egyptians!

Hisham Talaat Mustafa was a billionaire developer who served in Parliament. Now he may hang:

Mustafa was found guilty of paying $2 million to a former policeman in 2008 to kill Suzanne Tamim, a diva whose professional slide led her into an affair with one of the Egypt's richest men...
Mustafa hired hotel security guard and former policeman Mohsen Sukkari to kill Tamim, 31, after the singer broke off their relationship when she became involved with an Iraqi kick-boxing champion, investigators found.

They caught Mustafa talking about the killing on "state security eavesdropping tapes." Egypt can show us quite a bit about how a horrible authoritarian power structure's invasions of privacy can be used for good. America just wastes its wiretaps listening to phone sex!