In your bad-itudinal Thursday media column: Seymour Hersh hates newspapers, Paste Magazine makes bank, journalists deserve to be paid a mere pittance, and MissBehave's final goodbye email to staffers, which is not a very good one:

The latest person to declare that newspapers are dead: Seymour Hersh. Why does Seymour Hersh hate knowledge so much?

Paste Magazine has asked readers for donations to try to save itself from folding. They've already raised $166,000! The smart move would be to set the necessary donation goal at, say, $200K, write a nice "Thanks for helping us get so close!" message, then go buy a place in Costa Rica.


The Christian Science Monitor offers up a sadly persuasive case that journalists don't deserve to be paid very much, because the skills and abilities that were once the exclusive province of professional journalists are now available to virtually anyone, and journalists don't really create that much value, and also "Journalists are not professionals with a unique base of knowledge such as professors or electricians." Ugh. True, but the day that journalism is considered less cool than being a professor is the day that... all those kids in J-school go back and get Ph.D's. [And are professors SEXY??]

Hello, here is the email that Samantha Moeller, founder and publisher of the now-dead MissBehave, send out to her remaining staffers on Monday, with no preamble. Maybe that's why some of them are pissed? Have a nice life!

Hey Guys,
After much internal debate I've decided to stop working on Missbehave. I'm pregnant with my second kid and honestly my mind is just somewhere else. I'm going to enjoy the summer, spend time with my 2 year old and work on my other site. I am grateful for all that you have contributed. Please send me your final invoices. And thank you, thank you again.