It's just a near-summer Friday, so not all that much is happening. A Trainspotting author turns to directing. Jim Carrey will soon be steaming into your town. And terrible TV series and movies still get made, every day, in this old place of ours.

Novelist Irvine Welsh will be directing his second movie right soon. The pic is called The Magnificent Eleven, and while it sounds like it's about Spinal Tap's amplifiers, it's actually about football. Like, faggy British "football." So, soccer. [Variety]

Jim Carrey has begun a bizarre-sounding whistle stop tour for his upcoming Robert Zemeckis weirdo half-animation movie, A Christmas Carol. Disney basically gutted four train cars and filled them with shit about the movie and now it'll roll into 40 cities nationwide, with Carrey in tow, so people will go see the movie. We've always said that Jim Carrey is the Harry Truman of Hollywood. Though, as far as train tours go, we've always been partial to Willa Cather's. [Variety]

So Rod Blagojevich can't be on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Outta Here! because, you know, he's like being indicted and junk. But his wife Patti can! And will be! She just flew to LA to film a promo for the June-premiering series, in which a crazy old billionaire hunts the most dangerous game for our viewing entertainment. [THR]

Oh for the... Bazooka Joe, a wildly unfunny comic strip found in gum, will become a movie. In related news, Universal has staked its whole summer 2010 profit plan on their tentpole epic, Howard Huge. [THR]

Midnight screenings of Terminator Salvation nabbed $3 million last night, a good sign for the franchise picture's box office chances. We're going to see it this afternoon at the local. WILL YOU DO YOUR PART, TOO? [Variety]