Since the long weekend's coming up, let's learn about the latest news on dangerous illegal drugs, shall we? Yes. It's international: Special K is everywhere in Asia, "legal highs" are threatened in Britain, and in British Columbia, kids are joining the Crystal Meth Society!:

ITEM: Dirty cat tranquilizer Special K is incredibly popular across the globe, especially in Asia: "it is the primary drug of choice in Hong Kong, it ranks as the second leading drug abused in Singapore and the fifth in China." That is fucking incredible. The primary drug of choice in Hong Kong? This is why everyone you see in Hong Kong is slumped against a wall staring blankly at the ground, I guess.

ITEM: All those "Legal Herbal High" crap products you see around? They're trying to ban them in the UK, because a few people have died. One, BZP, was "originally a worming treatment for cattle." Trippy.

ITEM: "The Village of Keremeos continues to provide education on the dangers of substance abuse to our youth through the sponsorship of the Crystal Meth Society of B.C.'s Info Show on Monday, May 25 at the SESS."