I got these feminist chicks, they got something to say. An interview with a porn star, whose last name is Grey. Content like this, most people would pay. Something something something, Happy Memorial Day!


We're Jezzin' it up this weekend with a whole bunch of X chromosomes in the house: We've got Amanda Marcotte of fem-political blog Pandagon; Jill Filipovic from Feministe; Jess McCabe imported from The F Word across the pond; and then, to throw in a smidgen of peen, I asked masculinist Matt Ufford of With Leather and Warming Glow to romp with the ladies. They're basically gonna get all up in the coochie of the recently launched Slate: Woman Double X blog until it's worn out and really truly knows the pain that comes with giving birth to a blog. Babies should see this level of backlash.

After all that hot mostly girl-on-girl action, we'll put up my interview with existential porn princess Sasha Grey who stars in the mucho-hyped and just-opened Stever Soderbergh meditation, The Girlfriend Experience. Then we'll send it back to Foster: Live in Vegas!

For the uninitiated, I go by the three letters you probably need a little more of in your life: TAN. Sometimes also, "The Assimilated Negro", and/or, "the black dude who's on Gawker sometimes. holla!"

Now that's out of the way, let's have Jay-Z set the tone with his classic ode to the ladies. Please place your laptop/mobile phone speakers in the loud and upright position so the whole park can hear:

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