We'll give you one guess: Which is the heaviest-drinking class of "professionals" in England? If you said "the media," you are well acquainted with the media's habits! In fact, we hear that some media workers here are going into the booze business as a dependable second job:

We've heard rumors (which we're trying to confirm) of at least two NYC media people who are trying to break into the liquor or beer business, either as investors or partners. It makes sense. Media jobs aren't secure. But selling booze is always secure—look how well the bootleggers did, even during the Depression! And who has their finger on the intoxicated pulse of drinkers' tastes more than a media person? No member of any other "professional" class, that's for sure!

Media workers [in the UK] are the biggest consumers of wine, drinking on average one and a half bottles a week. They are also the biggest drinkers of spirits, liqueurs and shots, taking on average 3.2 measures a week, finds the poll by YouGov for the government's Know Your Limits campaign.

People in the profession also drink 10 units more a week than the next heaviest drinking professionals – IT workers.

Bow down, IT workers! We applaud the entrepreneurial spirit of these forward-thinking moguls of the future. If you are a media person breaking into the booze industry—or know of any—email us and brag.

[Guardian UK. Pic via]