What do we know about Sonia "Maria" Sotomayor, our next Supreme Court activist? She is dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. She is so dumb!

It all started when Jeffrey Rosen, who is smart (he writes for The New Republic!), reported that although he knew nothing about her and hadn't read any of her opinions, he was pretty sure that Sonia Sotomayor was pretty dumb, because some anonymous guys he talked to said so. They also said she was a total bitch! She was always talking so much and she was mean to lawyers! And that is fine, if you are smart, like cuddly teddybear Antonin Scalia, but not if you're dumb, like poor Latina Sonia Sotomayor.

And she is so dumb, and poor, that Greg Mankiw's dead grandmother is better at saving money than she is! She is as dumb as that dumb woman Bush tried to appoint! (To be fair, that woman really did seem pretty dumb.)

And now, today, the New York Times weighs in: Adam Liptak says she is totally diligent and competent, which means she works very, very hard despite her tragic dumbness. He tried to read her opinions but they were sooooooo boring!

But they reveal no larger vision, seldom appeal to history and consistently avoid quotable language. Judge Sotomayor's decisions are, instead, almost always technical, incremental and exhaustive, considering all of the relevant precedents and supporting even completely uncontroversial propositions with elaborate footnotes.

UGH. Way to be a judge and not a brilliant, witty raconteur like Scalia, again, dumb lady! You will be the worst Supreme Court Justice ever!