Globe-flattening mustache habitrail Thomas Friedman, who's never met a hype-spouting CEO he wasn't incredibly impressed by, is no friend of the working man, this we know. But he's currently ruining labor talks at the Boston Globe, just by being his annoying self.

See, the Globe is owned by this bankrupt little mom-and-pop media concern called The New York Times Company. This company also pays one Tom Friedman a ridiculous amount of money to travel to places like Iceland and India and probably Dubai, so that he can talk with a CEO and then report back on how smart that CEO is.

So meanwhile this company is trying to renegotiate contracts with employees at the Globe, this newspaper they keep threatening to shut down. And Mr. Friedman bragged, in The New Yorker, about how he has a literally unlimited expense budget. This rubbed Brian Mooney the wrong way! So he wrote a letter.

"The New York Times Co. wants you to slit your own throats and take money out of your pockets so Tom Friedman (and others in New York) can travel in style and at great expense — and then brag about it. The Times (not the Globe) lost $74.5 million last quarter and will lose a bundle in this quarter. Stand up and tell the Times the contract they're trying to shove down your throats is an outrage. Vote No on June 8."

So, yes, the mailers and press operators agreed to some concessions, but this might not bode well for the upcoming editorial contract vote! Thanks, Thomas Friedman, you just personally killed a newspaper. Well, you and Pinch and the internet. But mostly you.