Chace Crawford Hooks Up in The Hamptons With Swimsuit Models

Chace Crawford has a new swimsuit model love interest, Susan Boyle freaks out in a fit of rage on strangers and cops in London, Jon and Kate are manipulating their kids, Rihanna will get virtually naked in a new Kanye video, and Anna Wintour wants to be ambassador to Britain.

  • Page Six reports that Chace Crawford was running around in the Hamptons last weekend with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Esti Ginzburg, who just couldn't stop sending him text messages all over the place. [Page Six]

  • International fame seems to be getting to Susan Boyle, who went bonkers on two strangers in the lobby of a London hotel. Cops intervened, and a hysterically crying Boyle went off on them as well. [Sun]

  • Kate Gosselin's brother and sister-in-law, seeking to be the "voice of our nieces and nephews," claim that she and Jon are exploiting their children for money, fame and ratings. Well DUH! [New York Post]

  • Rihanna will steam up the screen in a new Kanye West video, wearing nothing but sexy lingerie that barely covers up her ample lady parts. Chris Brown will not be pleased. [Sun]

  • Speaking of Chris Brown, he posted a video to YouTube saying "I ain't a monster" and that everyone is just telling lies and all those bruises on Rihanna's face were just the result of her slipping in the shower or something. [Daily News]

  • Anna Wintour knows that Conde Nast is going to crap so she's been stepping out all over the place in the secret hope that Barack Obama will name her ambassador to Britain. [Page Six]

  • Jessica Simpson is set to star in a new reality series where she travels the world in search of the real meaning of beauty. No, we're totally serious about this. [US Weekly]

  • Here's one we didn't see coming...Eliza Dushku is apparently dating Rick Fox, Vanessa Williams' ex-husband. [Just Jared]

  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar says that there will be a Saved By The Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon's show in June. [Starpulse]

  • Lance Bass spent Memorial Day weekend partying down at The Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City. On a related note, we are so saddened that there's even a Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City. [Guest of Guest]