Oh, good, Morgan Stanley just hired a financial analyst who had to quit the NFL two years ago because he'd had too many concussions to continue playing. Wayne Chrebet, welcome to the Moldaver Group wealth-management team!

Chrebet, an 11-year New York Jet wide receiver, "left football after his ninth concussion...." Here are his financial credentials:

Chrebet had 66 receptions for 726 yards as a rookie and a career-high 84 catches during his second NFL season in 1996. He had at least 600 receiving yards each of his first eight seasons, including 1,083 in 1998, before concussions forced him to miss the final eight games of the 2003 campaign.

Look at those numbers—he must be really good at investing! Especially if a couple years after signing a $17 million contract he needs a job at a bank!

Enjoy your "retention award," Chrebet; unlike in professional sports, it will not be tied in any measurable way to your performance!

Morgan Stanley Hires Ex-Jet Wayne Chrebet as Adviser (Update2) [Bloomberg via Deadspin]