Roman Catholic priestess and White House correspondent for the Macon-based Georgia Informer Brenda Lee just wanted to give Barack Obama a letter telling him to stand strong against the gays. Why did the Secret Service pervs have to do her like that?

When Obama flew into LAX today there was Brenda Lee, reporter-priestess, ready to hand the president this letter "urging him 'to take a stand for traditional marriage'" (as she writes: "For the most part [gays] are white males who have sexed themselves out on perverted sex and they are never satisfied."). But they try to tell her to give the letter to some random staffer, and she refuses, journalistically, and then all hell breaks loose:

"I said, 'I'll take my chances if (the president) comes by here,'" said Lee, who identified herself as a Roman Catholic priestess who lives in Anaheim, Calif. "He became annoyed that I wouldn't give him the letter."

Lee, who was wearing what she described as a cassock, said she protested when she was asked to leave.

"I said, 'Why are you bothering me?' They escorted me outside the gate," she said.

She said security officers allowed her to return when she promised she would not yell or wave, but then other officers arrived and told her to leave.

"I said, 'I'm not leaving,'" she said. "They tried to drag me out."

Two officers then picked her up and carried her out. An Associated Press photographer photographed the incident.

"I was afraid you could see under my clothes," she said, her voice choking up.

I had to check twice to make sure "Brenda Lee" was not my mom. Why does Barack Obama allow his jack-booted thugs to tear off the media's cassocks?
[NBC LA. Pic: AP]