Today Rick Sanchez had former congressman and failed presidential candidate Tom Tancredo on his show, and he wasted no time making an ass of himself by labeling Sonia Sotomayor a racist for being a member of a group he called "a Latino KKK without the hoods and without the nooses."

The "Latino KKK" of which Tancredo speaks is LaRaza, a civil rights and advocacy group for Hispanics. It's becoming clear that, in addition to attacking Sotomayor for her love of pigs feet with chick peas, dipshit conservatives like Tancredo are planning on turning LaRaza into the ACORN of this SCOTUS nomination. This is what they do these days.

Tancredo, who you may recall ran for president in 2008 largely on a "keep the brown people out" platform, is obviously a repressed homosexual who masturbates in his office to photos of hot young Mexican boys, which is the only possible explanation for this sort of idiocy.