Oh now this is just funny—-Bloviating ballsack Bill O'Reilly still can't seem to differentiate between a blog post and blog comment, and conservatwat extraordinaire Michelle Malkin, who occasionally fills in as host of O'Reilly's show, has had enough of it!

O'Reilly did a segment the other night on how the internet is full of pimple-faced lizard-people bloggers who go around saying mean things about everyone just because they hate life itself, and as an example he cited something someone said in a blog "post" about Sonia Sotomayor on Hotair.com, only that this person's words weren't in a blog "post," but in a blog "comment" instead, and then Michelle Malkin started shooting lasers through her eyes and O'Reilly's cock immediately moved due north, you can just tell by the stupid smirk on his face after Malkin's rant, so that means we all can expect him to continue to be a dumbass about the internet forever, just so he can get wood over Malkin's diatribes. Lucky us.

Also, the entire right-wing blog world is up in arms over this right now and they're even calling him out for his hypocrisy about policing comments, and it's totally awesome and HILARIOUS!

Video via Deceiver.com