Sometimes the New York Post inches over the line from "amusing" into "despicable." Okay, not sometimes—all the time. Today, in particular! Sandra Boss' husband lied to her, conned her for years, and then kidnapped their child. So Sandra should be thrown in jail, according to the Post.

Specifically, according to snarling werewolf-columnist Andrea Peyser, if you can believe it! This traumatized woman, Sandra Boss, had a child with the con artist calling himself Clark Rockefeller. Then the guy flipped out and kidnapped the kid. This woman's ordeal makes Andrea sick:

But Sandra Boss shouldn't get off the hook. She's unquestionably guilty of stupidity in the first degree.

Either that, or, even more likely, something even worse. She really didn't want to know.

Why wouldn't she want to know that her husband is a pathological liar who would go on to kidnap her own child? Maybe because, as Andrea deftly puts it in her opening line, "At least he was straight. We think."

Ha, let us snarl at this unfortunate woman! A man being straight is the minimum requirement for Andrea Peyser not to cannibalize him on her fortnightly moonlit hunting trips around Manhattan. The Post photo caption guys do their part by labeling Sandra a "Dingaling doormat," in a photo of her with her young child.

Blaming the victim is always the Post's fallback position, because it's easier, and it fits in with their perma-sneers, and the werewolf blood running through Andrea Peyser's veins has already stripped her of all human empathy, so why not go with it? Just wait till the woman starts crying over the trauma her child has endured. That's when Andrea can really mock her!