George W. Bush was in Michigan last night, speaking to an economic group. This was his very first non-Canadian post-presidential speech and so of course almost no one cared or covered it. Not that there was news! Besides his new "ladies in red blazers" fetish!

Bush also displayed a strong preference for women wearing cherry red blazers.

After a lengthy response to the evenings first question - How did it feel to be you on 9/11? - which came from a woman in red, he scanned the room insisting that the mic be brought to "the woman in red, the woman in red" though no women in red was standing.

He later took two more questions from women in red blazers.

Gee, how odd! Also odd: "several of the audience members he called on during the Q&A asked questions that he said related directly to chapters of a book he's writing about his time in office." Maybe those red blazers marked audience members who might've been... planted? No, hero president Bush would never do that. Or at least there would be no need for him to do that because, as has been demonstrated, no one cares about him anymore.