Prince Harry isn't being a dick! Octomom gets her own TV show, Candy Spelling works her late husband's TV pitches in real time, and Rachel Bilson doesn't eat chap stick. Presenting your Saturday morning gossip roundup.

Royalty Acting Like Royalty, Media Acting Like Media

  • Prince Harry came to New York, and was restricted by his handlers and security detail from going out and partying, thereby inevitably acting like the complete twat the public has gotten to know him as. He's now being hailed as some kind of distinguished diplomat. [Daily Mail, NY Daily News, whoever else is ridiculous enough to fall for this.]

  • The Octomom lady is getting her own TV show. She made a careful point to distinguish it from Jon and Kate Plus 8 noting that "you won't even remotely like my kids." But really, her lawyer did try to make the distinguishment by saying: ""Her television program will not be like the Jon and Kate Plus 8 show...[Nadya] is looking forward to providing her side of the story." Missing link: found! [US Weekly]

  • Widow of Aaron Spelling, Candy, went on the radio yesterday to note that Tori Spelling cutting off communication with her father sapped him of his will to live. Doesn't this feel like it'd fit into the plotline of any number of Aaron Spelling shows quite nicely? [WWTDD]

  • Daivd Hyde Pierce told The View that he's been married to his longtime partner since fall of last year, and that they've kept a low profile until the Supreme Court decided to fuck with them. [NYDN]

  • Ex-wife of Larry David and An Inconvenient Truth producer, preachy environmentalist Laurie David, keeps building over the wetlands behind her Martha's Vineyard house. [Page Six]

  • I don't keep up with American Idol, but I do know this: there's a runner-up and a winner, and one of them is gay. Knowing that the one whose ass-barcode scans as Kris Allen (the "winner") is going to Disney World does not help me make this distinguishment any easier. [Entertainment Tonight]

  • Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox were seen leaving a Fleetwood Mac concert in L.A. Thursday night. They talked about their indefatigable, free, untethered spirits while holding hands during "Gypsy," and then did their best impression of Mr. Burns saying "ehh-xcel-ent" as they discussed the piles of money they're going to be swimming in after the ink is dry on their "Friends" movie contracts. [Just Jared]

  • Christian Bale's wife "doesn't take [his] nonsense." Except for that time he lost half his body weight for The Machinist and looked like a terrifying walking skeleton, which, apparently, she loved. [Daily Mail]

  • Ellen Pompeo is "so excited" to be having a baby, and all the things that come with it, like a baby bump. If you were receiving your first third-dimension, you would be, too! They don't know if they're going to write said Bump into Grey's Anatomy, nor what kind of "Mc-" prefix it will be ordained. [US Weekly]

  • Susan Boyle's predicted to make five million pounds whether she wins or loses Britain's Got Talent. Query: which economist got the job of predicting how much reality talent show winners are going to speculatively make? [Daily Mail]

  • Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen shared some chap stick at a tennis match. Somehow, this makes news on P*r*z, which is inexplicably enjoyable. [P*r*z H*lt*n]

  • Something something something, new Twilight: New Moon teaser clip, something something joke about "beating the vampire blogs to it." [Pink Is The New Blog]