This weekend: We venture north, to the Boogie Down Bronx, and talk Sonia Sotomayor with the natives. Also, the recession is over! Reps from Vibe, Discover and VH1's "True Love"(!) are here to discuss.

So yeah, should be a solid lineup for your schmoozy Saturday afternoon.

With all the media-hubbub over Obama appointing the first Hispanic (or is it Latina?) female to the Supreme Court, we were surprised no one went to the BX to find out how they're reacting to "Sonia from the block" getting the nod from Obama to sit on the high court. So we did that.

Then, the headlines about the recession being over are accumulating fast. It's kind of sad, no? We got Jozen Cummings (Vibe), Melissa Lafsky (Discover), and Abiola Abrams (BET, VH1) to offer suggestions on how we should celebrate.

Finally, since "empathy" has been such a big topic of conversation this week, somewhere in the mix we're going to run a "Political Empathy Matrix" and scattergraph some of the week's top storylines.

I saw this video over by Ta-Neezy this week. Realized it makes the perfect song for the Saturday afternoon shift. So let's toss it to De La Soul, singing that assimilated favorite, "Saturdays"

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Oh, I'm your host for the next couple hours. Call me, TAN.

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