It's about that time. Time for me to get the f out of here! Where da recession party at? Where da political empathy poppin'? But for real, heading to LIC Beer Garden, you coming?

Thanks to my guests for blessing the space on this sparsely-populated Saturday afternoon: Melissa Lafsky, Jozen Cummings, Abiola Abrams. All of them very attractive and charming. You would be wise, and of judiciously discerning tastes, to try and chat them up via email, twitter, their websites etc. Tell them TAN sent you.

Thanks to Sonia Sotomayor for making history. And The Bronx for providing the rags in her rags-to-riches narrative. Everyone always forgets the rags!

Thanks to the media for talking incessantly about "empathy". That was butter.

But yo, before I go, I'm gonna down a whole bottle of Jager in under a minute. Like this dude:

Is that real? I think I'm going to try it. RIGHT NOW! Someone run my blog for me when I die. If I do survive, I hope to see you next weekend. Peece.

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