Heidi and Spencer Are Celebrities Dangit, So Get Them Out of There!

Spencer and Heidi implode on the set of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Madonna and Kate Hudson kinda almost get into a catfight, Billy Bob Thornton's daughter is charged in an infant's death, and Lori Petty spent the weekend in the slammer after getting arrested for DUI.

  • Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are causing all sorts of trouble on the set of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" and the thing hasn't even really started taping yet. According to Ryan Seacrest, of all people, the duo have been whining and bitching since they landed in Costa Rica and have even taken to talking trash about the other "celebrities" on the show. They're even threatening to walk out on the show! Now, we're sure that this is just a stunt to drum up publicity for the show, but whatever, maybe we'll get lucky and Lou Diamond Phillips will beat them senseless with coconuts and bamboo or something. [Ryan Seacrest]

  • A catfight between Madonna and Kate Hudson, the ex and current lovers of Yankees' steroid freak Alex Rodriguez, nearly broke out over the weekend at a polo match on Governor's Island. Crisis was averted, however, when Madonna realized that she doesn't give a shit about Kate Hudson boning Alex Rodriquez. [Daily News]

  • Billy Bob Thornton's estranged daughter has been charged in the death of a one year-old child she was babysitting. The child died last October after falling from its playpen. [TMZ]

  • Britney Spears brought along an entourage of dudes she may or may not be banging on the regular for a meeting with K-Fed. [PITNB]

  • Lori Petty got bombed, got behind the wheel of a car, blasted a skateboarder, got arrested, and then did the "cover my face with my shirt" perp walk after she was released the next day. Sounds like a stellar weekend. [TMZ]

  • Steve-O of Jackass and Dancing With the Stars fame has found a new way to stay sober after years of addiction issues—-Tattoos! Apparently each time he feels the urge to take a bump, he gets some ink. [Page Six]

  • Pink is basically about to beat the shit out of Kanye West because they were both at a fashion show and Kanye kept bitching about the lack of fur in the show and Pink is an animal rights activist or something and so it pissed her off. She could totally take Kanye's bitch-ass any day. [UK Sun]

  • Kate Gosselin went to the beach and built tiny castles in the sand all by her own self because Jon can't stand her and was probably at Hooters flirting with the hostess or something. [DListed]

  • Susan Boyle is probably in a straight jacket right now and is destined to be an older, more rumpled version of Amy Winehouse. So sad. [UK Mirror]

  • Kimora Lee Simmons gave birth to a baby boy over the weekend after being sperminated by Djimon Hounsou. [EOnline]