Karl Gerhartsreiter pretended to be various important people that he was not for many years, married a woman, had a daughter, and when the wife found out he was a con man she divorced him. So he kidnapped the girl and fled Massachusetts. Naturally, this is all the wife's fault.

According to sex goddess and outrage enthusiast Andrea Peyser, of course. How can Andrea make her story stand out from all the boring, tragic, "woman recounts harrowing story of worrying for her daughter's life" testimony coverage in the boring papers? By calling victim Sandra Boss "the dumbest woman alive."

Repeatedly smiling inappropriately and speaking in an annoyingly flat, lock-jawed voice, Boss primly took the witness stand at the kidnapping trial of her ex-husband, who was known as Clark Rockefeller. A guy who never had a driver's license, Social Security number or visible means of support.
The marriage continued for 12 years. Not 12 weeks. Or 12 minutes — which is the average time you would expect a Harvard Business School grad to be fooled by this character. That is, if she really wanted to know.

Yes, well, Andrea, in order for one to be a successful con man, it helps to be able to convince people of the con for more than twelve minutes. Otherwise you are just a "liar."

So! Who is the real villain here? The man who simply used charm and pathological cunning to trick literally everyone he encountered in his life for thirty years into believing that he was someone rich and important, who then assaulted a social worker in order to throw his crying daughter into a limo and steal her to Baltimore, and whose lawyers are currently attempting the insanity defense? Or the woman who responded, in your characterization, "weirdly," when told her daughter had been recovered safely? That's right. That stupid bitch is basically the worst human being in the world.