OK! Recruits Former Life & Style Editor Into Its Brutal, Jungle-Like Office

Consulting editor Jason Oliver Nixon may yet bring civility to the man-eat-man hellscape that OK! magazine seems to have become. Nixon, who we're told is still running the show, is to be joined by editorial consultant Mark Pasetsky, the former Life & Style honcho who now operates CoverAwards.com.

Pasetsky announced the move on Cover Awards. He later told us he'll be consulting on the print side of OK! while continuing to work on his own website, adding more coverage of events and celebrity branding.

Pasetsky hasn't always been kind to OK!; he called the troubled celebrity weekly's recent Hills front "one of the worst covers I've seen in a long time" and said of its photoshoot with minor Hills star Lo Bosworth, "When it comes to bonehead moves, this one takes the cake."


But OK! has recently dropped hints it would like to merge its existing celebrity coverage into the sort of fashion/lifestyle coverage published in Elle. And Pasetsky is well acquainted with the challenges of such an approach, if only because he served as editor in chief and general manager of Bauer's Life & Style, which was created expressly to offer hybrid celebrity-plus-lifestyle coverage.

"Consultants" at OK! have a way of replacing their bosses, but Nixon would seem safe in this case, if only because Pasetsky has already announced he plans to keep working on his website and with other clients.


But there's no telling what Richard Desmond, CEO of OK!'s parent company, is going to do next. Pasetsky could soon find himself with less free time on his hands.

Pic via Jossip)