Amy Winehouse Eats Tequila Shots for Breakfast

Today in celebrity fluff: Amy Winehouse is a morning drinker, Eminem was robbed, Lindsay Lohan storms through London, Simon Cowell reaches out to help Susan Boyle, Lily Allen has a nip slip, and Paris Hilton may get married this summer.

  • The Daily Mail visited Amy Winehouse on the tropical island where she's supposed to be cleaning her life up. When they met her at 9am, she was already on her second shot of tequila. The whole thing has gone horribly wrong and some doubt she'll live to record another album. [Daily Mail]

  • After having Sacha Baron Cohen's ass all up in his face to create a fake controversy, Eminem had his LA hotel room broken into. His laptop and a 650K necklace were stolen. [Daily News]

  • London is on high alert as Hurricane Lohan is rolling through town to spend time with Samantha Ronson, who's in town for a DJ gig. [Sun]

  • Simon Cowell called Susan Boyle to offer her his "unconditional support" in aiding her recovery from the breakdown she recently suffered. [Mirror]

  • Melissa Joan Hart, who graced this past week's cover of People for having lost a bunch of weight, was overheard telling friends that she hoped that Farrah Fawcett didn't die during the week of her cover, thus bumping her off of it. [Page Six]

  • Lily Allen just can't keep her nipples inside her of her damn dress, and the world is a much better place because of this. NSFW! [Drunkenstepfather]

  • Daily Show alum and current The Office cast member Ed Helms just can't resist belting out Broadway showtunes at completely inappropriate times. [Starpulse]

  • A new biography details what exactly happened when Britney Spears broke down and shaved her head and seemed as though she was going way off the deep end. [Mirror]

  • Paris Hilton is hinting that she and her boyfriend Douglas or whatever his name is might be getting married this summer. [EOnline]

  • Pixie Geldof got trashed at Bungalow 8 in London and photographers got a bunch of pics of her stumbling around in the street. [Daily Mail]

  • Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have definitely quit I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. No, none of this was staged at all. [Daily News]