Hot TV reporter-screwing L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is screwing another TV reporter! In the most literal sense. But not in the figurative sense, because her news station is just fine with the mayor-screwing thing! L.A.'s ridiculous in all ways:

Villaraigosa's new girlfriend is Lu Parker. Who? "Lu Parker is a multi-faceted talent. She is a journalist, actress, author, former Miss USA, and a former teacher. As an Emmy Award winning journalist, you can find her anchoring and reporting the news in Los Angeles, California on KTLA." Yes that Lu Parker. You can watch her below in the swimsuit competition in the 1994 Miss USA pageant, which she won. Her work in the "newsroom," ha, will not be affected by the fact that she is fucking the mayor of the city upon which she reports, according to her boss:

Even if Parker didn't cover politics per se, she could still encounter any number of stories — school reform, the performance of the police department, expansion of the airport — in which Villaraigosa has a stake.

"The mayor doesn't work in our newsroom," Ball said. "There will be no conflict."

That nonsensical response is good enough for me! Villaraigosa broke up his last marriage by having an affair with a Telemundo reporter, which got her suspended for a while. So, progress! Now it's perfectly cool. Expect LA TV stations to start throwing attractive reporters at the mayor, because, imagine the access they could get. Here's how you train for a career in the media, ladies. Enjoy the prospect.