Last night, James Frey went down to Philadelphia to give a reading with Anna David. Curious to meet the phenomenon of online-self-humiliation that is Arthur Kade, they invited him. Kade was, of course, thrilled for the attention.

Frey is gunning for a promotion from Gawker intern to Gawker special correspondent and will be filing his own take on the run-in. Kade, however, seems a bit more familiar with Internet speed than our intern and, has already weighed in via his blog:

I am not sure why I am surprised at these things happening anymore considering how big I am now, but it's still weird to have celebrities want to meet you. I think that when this is all said and done, and I have accomplished the level of success that I will, I believe that books will be written about me, and I will be in the pantheon of names like Bogart, DeNiro, Nicholson, etc., and I want to sit down with a great author like James and maybe write my memoirs for the world to learn from.

When I walked in the store, they recognized me immediately, and we made some small talk about "The Journey". She told me she read the Philly Mag article, which didn't surprise me because of the enormity of the story. They were both very laid back and super cool, and were probably blown way with my looks and body, although it was funny because I am such an energy ball that I felt like I was overwhelming them at points, but I stayed for the readings they did, and then we went over to Parc for dinner. I can imagine how much they respect me as an author and artist, and the way I put it out there for the world to see, and I hope they see me as a potential rising star in the literary community as well.

Can't wait to read Frey's take, but here's a preview: in the video above Kade couldn't remember Anna's last name, but that did not stop him from getting her number and asking her out for a date. Will she accept? Tune in later.