The Way We Live Now: Differently. Everything is all ass-up. Teachers are getting wealthy. North Dakota is richer than California. And Frenk Gehry can't keep a fucking job.

This charter school in Washington Heights had a crazy notion: Maybe if we pay teachers a lot of money, we will get good teachers. Did it work? It's too early to tell, until the kids all get old enough to be either in jail or in Goldman Sachs. But one thing is for sure: teachers at this school are getting paid $125K. Per year! They are bankin' it. If they can avoid being robbed for crayon money by other, public school teachers, they'll live to tell the tale of this wild magical "livable wage" experiment.

Even crazier? North Dakota, the state that still conducts all business transactions with beaver pelts, is maybe the most financially stable state in our disintegrating union! They are "cutting taxes and fretting over how much of its budget surplus to spend or save." This is because no humans live in North Dakota so what will you spend all the money on? That's right, on millions and millions of luxurious beaver pelts.

Finally, celebrated architect Frank Gehry. He's been fired. From building a basketball arena. Back to sketching out plans for new Papa John's outlets, Gehry. Leave the moneymaking to the North Dakota teachers HERE IN CRAZYWORLD.