What are laid-off journalists doing these days, besides growing ever angrier? One of them is going to play his guitar in the subway! Which we guarantee is a more fun job:

Steve McGookin was a journalist for 25 years—FT, Forbes, and many more. He's been laid off. He's going down to play in the subways. Fuck it:

June 8th is the one year anniversary of the day I quit my job, and 14th Street is the station I used to ride to every morning to go to work.

A hundred feet above my head, people will be going about their daily lives, but I'll be starting a new musical journey underground.

I'm planning to play on the platform for a while to get a sense of what the city's buskers face every day and be able to tell their stories a little better. Then, for the price of a Metrocard, I'll go wherever the music leads me; I'll talk to the musicians it leads me to and I'll introduce them to you.

I'll do the same thing at a different station around the MTA map, at different times of the day, for forty-eight days.

We, for one, will definitely break off some change for Steve. And for that jammin one-legged guitarist at Union Square! This may be the wave of the future! Contemplate this quote from David Carr:


I think one thing that people do not understand is, as recently as four or five years ago, to be a member of Manhattan media, you weren't rich, but you lived as a rich person might. You went to the parties that a rich person would go to, you ate the food that a rich person would eat, you drank the vodka that a rich person would drink, and you'd end up in black cars, and you'd end up sometimes on boats and in helicopters. We lived as kings, and it convinced us, I think, that there was a significant underlying value to what we did. And I think we're finding out now that the real, actual value of journalism in the current economy is not that high... I feel as if media has become a kind of reverse roach motel, in that once you're out, you're probably not coming back in.

Better to have never known the good times at all. Uh, right?