In case you need reminding: Teh Geigh Awardz The 2009 Antoinette Perry Awards, AKA, THE TONYS! [sparklehands] are tomorrow. We'll be covering them more throughout the weekend, but first up: your yearly Letterman Top Ten Tonys List.

Other than a wink-wink reference to Jeremy Piven's sushi fiasco and a reference to Harris being openly gay, the jokes run slightly stale, and a little dry. Thankfully, Harris is charming and modest enough to not work them harder than he needs to. Also, he clearly read them beforehand:

Truth be told, this is actually a solid demonstration as to why Harris is going to make a solid Tonys host. He's done his fair share of theater, he's a fan and an advocate for the art, he's modest, charming, funny, and yes, openly gay, which circumvents the entire awkwardness of CBS trying to capture an audience outside of the nation's theater dorks by playing the Tonys as "straight" as possible. Each year's Tony awards is an attempt to pull a national audience into theater, and on both sides (both the American Theater Wing and CBS), this was probably a no-brainer: CBS loves him because of his 'How I Met Your Mother' following. Theater people love him. And he's got the chops to carry yet another industry's ridiculously self-congratulatory, reach-around-y awards ceremony. This should be a decent show.