In the D-Day commemoration ceremony today at Omaha Beach, British Prime Minister's mancrush on President Obama continued unabated, as evidenced by a not-so-slight Freudian Slip in the middle of his speech.

Bad timing? Yes. But awesome naming potential? Absolutely. Surely, someone somewhere will be able to parse this for hidden meaning, and I feel bad for that person, because they're conspiratorial and insane.

Actually, come to think of it, someone already did: the right-wing nutbag who (helpfully!) sent us this tip as an "I TOLD YOU!" actually preceded the clip-tip with a lamely photoshopped picture of Obama "piss(ing) his mark in the sand" on Omaha Beach.

Regarding this clip, Gawker political editor Alex Pareene helpfully replied in an email to said Right-Wing Saturday Afternoon Tipster, who also CC'd Sean Hannity's tipline, among others: "To be fair, the beach is in France, so Brit PM Brown does not actually have the authority to rename it." So now he (and Hannity) know(s) that Brown can't actually name the beach after Obama, and hopefully, he will calm down. Saturdays are for fun! And going to the beach. He should probably do that.