There is only one clinic in all of Mississippi where women can obtain a legal abortion. This is breaking news, Washington Post? We're surprised there's one! Let's all meet the next doctor to be murdered by domestic terrorists:

Dr. Joseph Booker, ladies and gentlemen, and the good Christian men who are protesting his clinic:

Booker, 65, remembers when there were six. He worked at another Mississippi clinic from 1989 to 2003, then moved to this one. Opponents have picketed his home in a nearby town, he said, and knocked on his neighbors' doors to denounce him as a "baby killer."

One of the regular clinic protesters, C. Roy McMillan, was a signer of the Defensive Action Statement, which asserts that killing an abortion doctor is justifiable homicide because it saves the lives of the unborn. Scott Roeder, accused of killing Tiller, told friends he agreed.

Even Planned Parenthood has given up on Mississippi. And next up on the pro-life agenda (besides murdering Dr. Booker, obv) is "a law requiring clinic staff members to report the identities of the sexual partners of pregnant underage girls," because these people are actually seriously monsters.

[Photo: WAPT-TV]