Spike TV, as you men know, is the cable network of choice for testicle-bearers. From MANswers to The Ultimate Fighter to Deadliest Warrior, only Spike TV caters directly to testosterone-based idiot viewers. But dude—a chick's picking their shows?!?

Ha, don't worry guys, Sharon Levy is an awesome chick. Very manly!

"She's got as much testosterone as any guy I know," said Doug Herzog, the president of MTV Networks Entertainment Group.

She invented Deadliest Warrior, the show that finally settles the debates you had when you were 12 about who would win, a samurai or a knight? Plus she's teaching dudes more about chicks!

"We have been trying to figure out how to do a show with women in it that is sexy and not misogynist," Ms. Levy said.

Good luck with that one, lady!

"This is going to be a very broad show," she said.

She says "broad" too! As a Spike TV viewer, I like this broad already! Plus she's a lapsed Jew who likes to eat pork! And look, male daredevil Jesse James just wants to emphasize, once again, for you guys: this chick is totally masculine.

"She's like that cool chick in college that you drink with and go out and party with. She has her girly moments, but not too often."

She's totally cool with Spike TV, as long as she exhibits no feminine traits. Except having breasts, yea!