Ohhh girrrl! The Real Housewives of New York are hookin' up. Because it's summer and young man's fancies have turned to sweaty lust, and so have old ladies'. The Countess was seen dancing, while Kelly was spotted flirting with Leonidas.

Yeah, Kelly Bensimon, the worst witch, was cuddling up with 300 star Gerard Butler at some sort of Details magazine party. What a big, on-the-rise movie hunk like that was doing curling up with that strip of jerky we're not sure, but evidently he enjoyed it. After consulting with Dan Abrams (of all people), Butler was heard cooing into his cell phone, "Where are you? Where did you go?" Ah, young (in spirit!) love.

And the Countess... Well, you tell the story better than I could, New York Daily News:

Spies caught ­Countess ­LuAnn de Lesseps - who's separated from hubby Alexandre - letting out her inner cougar at Georgica in East Hampton.

"LuAnn was drinking, dancing and making out with a young guy in his late 20s," says an eyewitness.

Sad. But also beautiful.

Have fun, girls!

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