Matt Lauer grinned at Sandra Bullock on the Today Show today and said "I have now seen you naked...", like a fourteen-year-old boy in shortpants talking to the village burlesque dancer. But how risque can Bullock's PG-13-rated The Proposal be?

There is an implication of nudiness in the trailer, but it seems to be only suggested or deftly covered-up. Lauer even cops to the fact that there's an obscuring washcloth involved. (This IMDB thread seems to confirm it's only partial.)

So why is Matt all tittery? Either he's just having an early morning chuckle because it's a rainy Tuesday and why the hell not, or Matt Lauer is very easily aroused. The mere suggestion of Bullock bits gets him red-faced and awkward. Has a longstanding celeb crush just been revealed?