You thought those American Idol reaction vids were bad? Oh honey, no. You haven't seen anything until you've seen fans reacting, on camera, to the teaser for New Moon, the next Twilight twinklevamp movie. They're... loud.

That these fans are rabid and crazed isn't exactly news. Twi-twinkers, or whatever they call themselves, are some of the most insane devotees out there. They're as fantastical and lost-in-the-clouds as Harry Potter followers, but they're also dangerously sexualized (chastely). It's a heady and potent plasma. Hell, Entertainment Weekly has built a whole wildly successful cottage industry out of the irksome phenomenon.

Which is all to say that even though we know these girls (and, yes, boys) are zealous, we had no idea just how bad it can get until we saw the above compilation video of some folks from around the world reacting—with ear-piercing abandon—to images of shirtless werewolves and sparklesuckers and frowny moon goddess girls and everything else that goes down (but doesn't, you know, go down) up in rainy Forks, WA.

Lower the volume on your speakers before viewing. Seriously.

Oh, and here's what they're all freaking out about. See if you can time why they're shrieking when! (Hint: shirtlessness).