Hey remember salvia, everyone's favorite legal hallucinogen? Well, guess what? It's back! And our crack video team has put together a greatest hits reel of salvia smoking-inspired idiocy. We even filmed one of our interns wigging out on it!

Our own video madman Richard Blakeley put this together for us with the help of Gawker video intern Cassie Seale, who was kind enough to subject herself, along with two friends, to the effects of salvia so we could film it and stick in this post. Here's what she said about the experience:

I tried it! It was a shaman-style vision quest complete with fun Magic Eye visuals and semi-intense thought surge. That being said, I'd venture to say anyone who's tried salvia once would realize it is not for parties or functioning in a normal capacity.

God bless interns! Enjoy.