Donald Trump, who owns the Miss USA operation, wouldn't take away Carrie Prejean's Miss California crown after she bashed gay marriage or when she posed nekkid. So what's a fireable offense? Apparently, thou shalt not be more famous than him.

Technically, TMZ is reporting, that she was let go for "breach of contract." Prejean was originally granted amnesty by The Donald, after gay rights activists got up in arms about her hateful rhetoric and—oops!—some nude photos turned up. But now the axe really has fallen, because Carrie California just got too wrapped in fame—becoming a vocal anti-homo advocate and even guest-hosting on the execrable Fox & Friends. All of these after-beauty-school activities were supposed to have been cleared by the pageant, but what are rules, really?

So, she's losing her title not because she's an ignorant bigot, but because she didn't read the fine print. Doesn't much matter anyway, as another beauty queen from the Golden State, Miss Malibu Tami Farrell, had already assumed most of the day-to-day pageant duties when the whole nude/gay/Perez scandal broke out.

It'll be pretty hard to blame the wind for this whole mess, Carr.