Earlier this week, David Letterman used Sarah Palin's recent New York trip as fodder for jokes. This angered Sarah and Todd Palin, who called him "pathetic" and "disgusting" for telling "sexually perverted" jokes. Tonight Letterman responded.

Letterman, who has taken over the ratings lead in late night television, read Palin's rambling statement in its totality and did offer a sort-of apology, but also expressed some annoyance over the fact that the Palins were making a big deal out of what he's been doing every night for 30 years—Making jokes about people in the news.

Finally, Letterman invited the Palins to come on the show as guests and admitted to being guilty of "poor taste" with some of his jokes. But come on, let's be real here—The joke about Palin looking like a slutty flight attendant was funny because it's true!