Ladies, sick of being depicted as gold-dug layabouts who suckle off the teat of their husbands' "hard work"? Well Real Housewives is getting a flipsy-daisy with a new Fox Reality Channel (yes, this exists) series called Househusbands of Hollywood.

Yeah! Basically it's about dudes whose wives are wickedly successful in Tinseltown and so they just kinda hang out and probably watch TV and fart a lot and maybe order the Spice Channel. Thinking you'd like to see how, say, Don Gummer does it? Well, unfortunately it's not gonna get quite that upscale.

No, we're talking Tempestt Bledsoe's husband and, um, the guy who married that Good Day LA lady Jillian. So I guess the show is going to be dudes sitting around counting pennies, trying to figure out a way to both buy that quarter of KB and pay the rent. Terrific!


Image of Danny Moder, Mr. Julia Roberts, via Getty