A third murder committed by a right-wing extremist? Eh, worth a link, sure. Obama administration takes a "half step" to let shareholders have a say in executive compensation? Fire up the siren.

Matt Drudge trotted out his favorite animated GIF this morning to sound the alarm about the White House's plan to issue "guidelines," according to the Associated Press, that "reject direct intervention in corporate pay decisions" and rely on allowing nonbinding shareholder votes on compensation. Or, as Drudge puts it, "ADMINISTRATION: REIN IN PAY ACROSS PRIVATE SECTOR."

We hadn't seen the siren in a while. We certainly didn't see it yesterday, when a right-wing nut who doesn't think Barack Obama has a birth certificate shot up the National Holocaust Museum.

And we didn't see it last week, after an anti-abortion jihadist murdered George Tiller. Susan Boyle got top billing on that morning.

Come to think of it, we didn't even see Tiller's murder on the cover of the New York Post, the dead-tree version of the Drudge Report. Here's the Post front from Monday, June 1, the day after Tiller was gunned down at church.

And here's today's Post, which puts the anti-semitic terror attack at the National Holocaust Museum on page 11 and gives the cover to something about a bar mitzvah in prison.

Nothing to see here, people. Move along.