Out of all the celebrities to resemble, North Korean loonmonster Kim Jong Il would not be the first choice of most guys (it would be this guy). But one dude does resemble him, and fooled the world media. Accidentally.

Pictured is Bae Seok-bum, a "40-year-old South Korean construction worker who also operates a website for fortunetellers." Like most construction workers who dabble in fortunetelling, he is not the favorite son of North Korea's absolute dictator. But he looks like he could be, right? So when he posted this photo online, the media was like, "let's go with it!"

During a broadcast Wednesday, Japan's TV Asahi said the station had received information from an unnamed source who had met the younger Kim numerous times. It said the source told it that the authenticity of the photo was "90%."

Hopefully he can at least parlay all this attention into a windfall for his fortunetelling business. Meanwhile Kim Jong Il's actual favorite son and likely successor Kim Jong Un, hasn't been photographed since this picture of him when he was 12. So by now he probably looks like this.