Anti-abortion radical Catholic Mullah Randall Terry threw a press conference with free chicken wings and Guinness for journalists, yesterday. It did not boost attendance, really.

Still! His wacky speech did attract a bit of attention, mostly from the bloggers and journalists currently documenting the most worrying of the eliminationist rhetoric of the fringes of the far-right. Like the invaluable Dave Wiegel whose Washington Independent reported that Terry is still really, really in to pretending he is John Brown.

People For the American Way's Right Wing Watch has clips of the speech, in case you need some excuse to get really mad, this morning. It ended on a really weird note. The murder of George Tiller apparently is "a teaching moment for what child-killing is really all about," according to Terry's closing line (leave 'em laughing!). And then it's time to take everyone out for beer and wings—extra crispy!