Sarah Palin's on the CNN. Thank god she is babbling lies about energy and not talking about rapist late night comedians. For now! No, wait, here comes the bit where she fantasizes about imaginary people threatening to rape her daughter.

We are not going to go going into the details of her response to a monologue joke she is purposefully misunderstanding in order to draw attention to herself as an aggrieved victim of the liberal media except to note that she still does the really obvious thing where she gets nervous and stumbles as she tries to remember a line she rehearsed. Hasn't she had any media training since the election or does it just not work with her? Christ.

Also it's amazing that people on the TV are happy to pretend to be the stupidest person in the world in order to take seriously things stupid people say. Or not really that amazing. This is Wolf Blitzer, after all.

Anyway! She is going to run for president. She didn't say she would, but she will.

Also: she still lies, all the time, about everything, because it is basically just the only way she has to communicate.

Oh good, here come Paul Begala and Mary Matalin! ARGH. Who can stand to watch CNN, ever?

Here is a clip of Palin talking about Obama because honestly we refuse to link to the clip of her talking about the other thing.

You can find more terrible clips here.