Wonderful news: Hiram Monserrate is a Democrat again! The New York state Senator who famously glassed his girlfriend and whose term cannot end soon enough switched back to caucusing with his party and doomed the Senate to (yet more) gridlock.

The Daily News broke the news on the front page today, which is funny, because they keep reporting on that assault thing and calling him names like "traitor." But apparently Monserrate is losing his mind, or something, because of all the stress from his upcoming trial. Being a mercurial violent asshole narcissist is almost as exhausting as "legislating" or whatever he is supposed to do!

Here is your Daily News sports columnist, Mike Lupica, calling Monserrate and Espada various names, on the occasion of their trip to a baseball game.

Anyway. Remember how the Democrats said the GOP takeover was illegal and so they took them to court? The Judge hearing the case basically refuses to decide anything, still.

"As a matter of public policy, you guys should work this out so I'm directing you to go across the street and do that and report back to me at one o'clock," he said. "There are 64 (sic) members over there, who are, in my opinion, hopefully, capable of getting together and working through what I have every understanding and appreciation are very serious and difficult matters, but which can be resolved and can be worked through in a way to be beneficial to the citizens of this state."

Ha, ha.