Bruce Willis, 54, and his new wife, model Emma, 32, recently did a sexy-pex S&M nudie pictorial for W magazine. Go there for more pictures. (Two might not be SFW).

The essential crux of this photo shoot is this: Actors and models are weird. Really. While photographer Steven Klein was shooting these, and a crew hung around watching, the Willises stood naked and stretched in strange positions and, well, that was a Tuesday. To boot, they'd just come back from their food and wine heavy wedding getaway in the Turks & Caicos, so Bruce wanted some barbells around to do last minute toning and who knows what Emma did. The two met at the gym, so we're sure she did something. Bruce said of the shoot, "vanity dies hard," referencing his movie from a hundred years ago before going to stretch out in his black underpants while his new wife straddled him wearing a robot-wolf costume and everyone watched. So, it couldn't be that hard.