Now this is some sort of karma: a report says that the state of California is going after RadarOnline for exploiting Octomom's kids, with their relentless Octomom videos. [UPDATED below]

Crime Scene Blog says:

Don't know all the details yet, but the state has apparently gone after RadarOnline for filming Octomom's kids in violation of state labor laws.

We're no lawyers, but considering the fact that showing her out-of-control kids was clearly one of RadarOnline's greatest reasons for making all the Octomom vids in the first place, there might be something there. We'll let you know as we find out more.

UPDATE: KTLA News in LA says that RadarOnline failed to follow California's, uh,quite extensive set of child labor laws, particularly regarding infants:

Labor Commission officials say the violations relate to the evening of March 17th, when her first two of the octuplets arrived home from the hospital...
The web site failed to get a work permit, an entertainment permit and did not have a studio teacher on site while filming was taking place.

Why the fuck do you need an onsite "studio teacher" for newborn octuplets? No idea. But since infants are only permitted to work for 20 minutes a day, these octuplets could be the most lucrative team of infant stars in the business, if they hurry up. One hundred sixty potential minutes of luxurious, identical filming! Call em now, producers!