The attorney for Carrie Prejean, disgraced pageant broad and the most wind-maligned human in world history, is claiming that she's the victim of an evil plot by dastardly pageant officials who want to destroy her, and is threatening a lawsuit.

Prejean, who made the media rounds last week floating a similar "I was set up by haters" theory, and her lawyer Charles LiMandri are launching an offensive against California pageant officials, telling E Online that Keith Lewis, the poor sap whose horrible lot in life is to be director of the California pageant organization, tried to get her to see some gross gay movie knowing full well that it would assault her delicate anti-gay sensibilities and that she'd refuse to attend.

"[Lewis] wanted her to go to the debut of a docudrama supporting same-sex marriage," the attorney claims. "The people [who] produced it were going to be there explaining their journey as gay men toward same-sex marriage. She said, 'I'm just not comfortable doing that.' I wrote back to [Lewis'] attorney saying, 'She won't do the pro-traditional marriage stuff as Miss California. But don't ask her to do the pro-same-sex marriage stuff either.'"

Prejean's lawyer also claims that Lewis tried to trick her into posing for Playboy, knowing full well that his client's high moral fiber would never allow her to do such a thing like taking off her clothes in front of a camera.

"She had just gotten a request to do a Playboy shoot with partial nudity-this was several days after [Donald] Trump reinstates her," LiMandri says. "[Lewis] knew she wouldn't do that stuff, and he was trying to set her up, saying, 'You can pick your photographer. You can pick the photos.' And then he'd be able to fire her for sure."

So yeah, Carrie's the victim of ill-timed wind gusts and some sort of vast left-wing conspiracy. So now she'll "write" a book about it all and pose for Playboy and in two years she'll be a co-host on Fox & Friends, which is right where she belongs.

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