Did a Blind Item Prophesy Sean Penn's Sabbatical?

Sean Penn has pulled out of two films, Variety reports today. While he's saying he needs the time to work on his (continually) troubled marriage to Robin Wright, a blind item last week is fueling speculation that it's drug-related.

The New York Post ran a blind item last week detailing an actor on the brink: "Which actor is on hiatus due to a drug relapse? He claimed he needed time off because of the heartbreak of his public split, but he's actually headed to rehab."

A blog called Spielster put two and two together before Variety's announcement, as rumors had been floating around for a few days that the actor's involvement in Cartel and the gloomy-sounding Three Stooges was tenuous at best.


If he his having problems with his wife (and, really, when isn't he?) or doing too many drugs, now is a perfect time to lay low for a while. He's so awash in the Milky glow of the industry's respect that he really doesn't need to do anything right away to capitalize on a moment. No, people will wait around for him, as they have since Fast Times. Plus, the Three Stooges thing will likely be a disaster, so walking away could prove a wise decision.

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