Have you heard of Jay Mundy? He's a conservative radio host who sounds like the result of a mating between a snapping turtle and a head of lettuce, which means he'll be a big GOP star! And he hates Williamsburg!

Here's part of what Jay Mundy had to say about a recent trip he took to the epicenter of hipster Brooklyn:

I've never seen so many sick weirdos gathered in one place. They're all doing drugs all day. They have their hair dyed and tattoos so they can't have a job so they're all living on public assistance…They love Obama and the leftists and hate police power. They're carefree people. If I lived there a day, I tell you I would be in jail for murder. Take the weirdest hippie you know, and multiply it by 1000, and that's Williamsburg.

Now, when someone sent in an email tipping us to this guy's rants on Youtube, we were immediately skeptical. The tipster claimed that he "saw it today on Youtube" when the two videos he sent links to had accumulated a total of seven views at the time, which raised some skepticism in our mind that it was actually Jay Mundy himself who was sending in the "tip" to his rant on Williamsburg. Not to mention the fact that it seems nearly impossible for someone to come off as such a Herculean cretin without putting on an act intended to spark controversy, but whatever—We figure that if this guy wants to make a fool of himself on the internet, who are we to crush his dreams?

Finally, if Jay Mundy is single, we think that he should go on a date with this girl. At the very least, they'd have plenty to talk about.