OK, that's not what we're advocating here, or even talking about. What we mean to say is: Hey, look! Someone found the blueprints for the Real World's new Dupont-located fuckhut. The biggest news? There's no goddamned hot tub. Whither Chlamydia?

There's still totally a game room and confessional room (used mostly for masturbating, if Real World lore of old is to be believed) and the producers' control bunker, and all that. Because the show is set in DC and everyone is Politics these days, we expect this to be the drafting for a beautiful new political salon for concerned young Beltwayers. Hence, no hot tub!

One thing that the producers maybe should have reconsidered: Stairs. There have been stairs in many a Real World house. They are rarely a good idea. Lawsuits, folks. Injuries. Think about it.


[Washington City Paper]