John Ensign revealed that he had an affair with a married former staffer (her husband, another former staffer, tried to extort Ensign because of his shitty mortgage and Ensign got him two jobs)), and then all his interns quit.

Roll Call reports today that Ensign's intern coordinator sent a sad email to a bunch of other Senate intern coordinators asking if maybe any of them had room for a couple really "great" and apparently morally self-righteous kids who don't want to work for Ensign for free anymore, because it was totally fine to work for him when he was a war-mongering gay-hating asshole but now that he's a war-mongering gay-hating asshole who slept with some lady who he was not married to, no thanks!

"This is Jessica from Ensign's office. I am trying to find out if anyone has any openings for interns. I have some really great interns that want to relocate to another office. If you have anything or know of someone who does please let me know," Walton wrote in the e-mail.

Hey, they should all go work for David Vitter!

Also, about those two jobs Ensign got for the husband of the woman he was sleeping with while he was separated from his own wife: he would totally do the same thing for any staffer of his, and not just one he was cuckolding!

"Just as he has done for many other staff members, Senator Ensign made recommendation calls for Mr. Hampton," Ensign spokesman Tory Mazzola said in a statement.

Yes, sure, right. This guy!